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22, dated Febru, also cover the above subjects. This STC approval allows owners of 415C and CD aircraft to replace their aging, out of production TCM C75 and C85 engines with the readily available TCM O200A series power plant Without The. Total count: 57 aircraft. info with maintenance, repair and other info - a prime resource!

What is the history of the Ercoupe 415? Open your kneeboard located in our service hanger control panel. Excellent condition and is a great source of service and maintenance information for Ercoupe authorized repair stations. (I am missing the first inside page. Parts manual for all models of the 415 ercoupe 60 pgs 3. Item 17, fuel line 415–48133, is NOT as shown in Fig.

What is ERCO 415-e Ercoupe? First there’s the taxi, which means you make turns using the control yoke, like a car—an intentional design element meant to ease the learning curve from car to Ercoupe. STC SA2628WE amendment, FAA approval Janu, authorizes the installation of TCM O200A, 100 HP engines on Type Certificate Part 4a, T. Good used manual. 1-800-WX-BRIEFSHUT DOWN CHECKLIST. It seems that the Ercoupe airframe stalls around 45 knots at a gross weight of 1320 pounds. Service Manual for the Ercoupe, dated Janu with approx.

Aeronca obtained a licence to produce the Ercoupe 415 as the Aeronca 12AC Chum in 1946 and built two prototypes: NX39637, with the Ercoupe twin-tail, and NX83772 with a larger, single tail, metal wings and trailing-link struts in the main undercarriage. Pre-purchase Inspection of a Installing an O-200 in an LSA Ercoupe (415-C or 415-CD). Ercoupe Service Manual . Why are 415C&39;s light sport? Owner’s Manual for the Alon A-2, revised to 1 December 1965 with approx.

" Designed by Fred Weick, it was a major departure from many contemporary airplanes. Instruction Manual. Ercoupe 415-C FOR REFERENCE ONLY Page 14 EMERGENCY. The Ercoupe was manufactured by the Engineering and Research Corporation (ERCO) in nearby Riverdale, MD, to be spin-proof, stall-proof, and slip-proof.

One issue that I have run across is that many of these planes have been ercoupe 415-cd service manual converted to model D over the years and then converted back to C or CD. ERCOUPE Position the Control horn on the Aileron and Rudder control horn. An excellent cutaway view is on page 6. 415-CD, 415-D: Control:. Ercoupe 415-C FOR REFERENCE ONLY Page 8. In 1946 when most of the 415-C and 415-CD aircraft were manufactured, the Civil Aeronautics Authority (CAA) had no requirement for a flight manual.

Minor changes made since the Ercoupe was first put into production are not included in this publication. But the design endures, partly because early model 415-Cs are light enough to qualify as Light Sport aircraft, but mainly because they are just plain fun to fly: You can slide down the canopy halves and cruise with the wind in your hair, your arm resting on the window sill. Instruction Manual for the Forney F-1A, undated with approx.

Aero log Gen info, Operating instruction (check list, crosswind procedures etc), Service and Inspection Instructions, Distributors and Dealer list 2. Skyports STC to up the gross weight of 415-C or 415-CD models from 1260 to 1320 pounds legally. . Ercoupe Wing Mounted Landing Light STC Kit 9. The manual relates to ercoupe parts and is designed to aid in the identification of parts for these models. ERCO 415-D Ercoupe and 415-CD Ercoupe From 1947, further refinement introduced a 9° elevator up-travel restriction, stainless steel front fuselage skin and increased gross weight (1,400 pounds under type certificate A-787), powered by the 75 hp (56 kW) Continental C75. Hartmut&39;s ercoupe.

ERCO ERCOUPE 415C PROCEDURES For detailed instructions on how to fly this aircraft, see the Aircraft Information articles in the Learning Center. Because the size of servos differ, you may need to adjust the size of the precut open- ing in the mount. I have determined that the Ercoupe 415 C or CD models are qualify as light sport. The ERCO Ercoupe 415 is a single-engine two-seat light touring aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer ERCO, Engineering and Research Corporation. The Ercoupe was built after World War II by several diffenrent manufacturers und several names: Sanders Aviation Ercoupe, Forney/Fornaire Aircoupe, Air Products Company Aircoupe, Alon Aircoupe. This manual is a source of service and maintenance information for Ercoupe owners and mechanics. They have a maintenance manual for the 415 C,D model in either printed or download form for about .

The canopy provides superb visibility, so travel by Ercoupe is to enjoy the countryside in slow motion. 44 dated Febru, and Ercoupe Service Department Bulletins No. Was: Previous Price C 6. The idea to this collection of articles was born when Al ercoupe 415-cd service manual made a detailed description of the replacement of a bottom skin on the Ercoupers tech list. Note that most actions can also be performed using the mouse. The fuselage/header tank filling and overflow lines connected to fittings on the bottom of the tank. If you have any questions please ask. Parts manual for all models of the 415 ercoupe 60.

Early model 415-C Ercoupes came with no rudder pedals, just a single brake pedal. All rights of design, assembly and distribution of Ercoupes (and related parts and service) were sold to Sanders Aviation, Inc. Safety turnbuckles (as per Sketch A) per FAA AC 43. This auto - run CD contains the following service manuals for the ercoupe.

1947 ERCOUPE 415-C Service Manual. Alon A2 pilots manual 415-cd 61 pgs 4. Ercoupe O200A Engine Upgrade for Model 415-C, CD, D, E and G. To avoid losing this information in an ever growing pile of messages from us Coupers, I decided to give such instructions a Home.

ERCO 415-E Ercoupe From 1948 the -E model, powered by an 85 hp (63 kW) Continental C85, introduced the split elevator with 20° of up-elevator travel. A-787; 415-D, 415-E and 415-G aircraft. The Ercoupe moves along at about 100 mph, burning a bit over 5 gallons per hour, which is most acceptable for going places without spending the family fortune.

Sanders then designed and obtained CAA. Applicability: Ercoupe. . manuals, flying instruction books and, ercoupe 415-cd service manual above all, FAA regulations! I will be listing many old items over the winter months so check back often or put amos2442 on your favorites list.

The first 415-CD was manufactured in late March of 1947 and the last in late June. See more results. Parts manual for all models of the 415 ercoupe 60pgs 3. 38 The -E elevator restored the landing characteristics of the -C model, while having the 1400 lb.

List of aircraft registered in the United States with the manufacturer and model designation of ERCOUPE 415-CD, ordered by tail number. · In the late 1930s, the Ercoupe was designed as a stall-proof, spin-proof airplane that had no rudder pedals. Welcome to the Ercoupers repair pages. The notch in the sides of the mount allow the servo lead to pass through. An interconnection between the ailerons and limited-travel rudders made flying the Ercoupe as easy as steering a car. Establish a center line for checking the rudder adjustment, using as a center the. The year ended with an Ercoupe flown by a test pilot and mechanic breaking up in flight.

Erco never issued a “flight manual” for the 415-C or the 415-CD. Alon A2 pilots manual 61 pages. FAA approved overhaul manual for the continental C75, C85, C90 and 0-200. 20, but as shown in ESM No.

Aero log Gen info, Operating instruction (check list, crosswind proceedures etc), Service and Inspection Instructions, Distributor and Dealer list 2. · A personal web site devoted to Ercoupe airplanes in general and my Ercoupe (N2679H) in particular. Prevention of stalls was accomplished by blocking elevator travel before stall angle was achieved. N123YP (1947) N127G (1963) N2383H (1946) N2415H (1946) N242T (1947) N2727H (1946) N3041H (1946) N3067H (1946) N3155H (1946) N3194H; N3272H (1947) N3452H (1947) N3454H. It was marketed as simple, safe, and a plane that "anyone could fly. Univair Aircraft Corporation 2500 Himalaya Road Aurora, Colorado 80011 Toll Free Sales:Phone:. 43 issued on or about 10/15/46 includes three of these. I am a private pilot looking to fly under LSA flight rules.

Roll into a steep turn and try to stall the airplane. A list of major modifications is included with blank spaces provided so that later changes may be listed by the user as they occur. The first, installed in Ercoupes, used fuselage/header tank. Since the 415-CD Model was an unexpected production expedient, upon its availability many Ercoupe dealers were left with one or more 415-C models, now. ercoupe 415-cd service manual use 30-minute Epoxy Epoxy.

Replied by Bob DeMunck on topic Ercoupe Service Manual Lawson - try Essco Aircraft in Ohio. This STC approval culminates a 25-month effort seeking authorization that. Ercoupe Shock Pad. Offered for sale is this service manual for Ercoupe. For suggested speeds, see the Reference page of the Kneeboard.

Adjust the rudder control cables to neutralize if out of line. The following service publications apply to Ercoupe and Forney aircraft as noted in the "Applicability" column below. This auto - run CD contains the following manuals for the ercoupe: 1. With this STC, you are getting the most as an LSA pilot. (Ercoupe Service Department Memorandum No. 8 dated, and No.

In the interim Henry Berliner had decided that ERCO would get out of the light plane business. Ercoupe Service Memorandum No. ) Note the fender on the front wheel in the cover image. Features a collection of historical advertisements, brochures, flight tests and pictures of Ercoupes. Aero log Gen info, Operating instruction (check list, crosswind proceedures etc), Service and Inspection Instructions, Distributor and Dealer list. This IS A auto - run CD that contains the following manuals for the Ercoupe: 1.

· This is an early (possibly pre-1946 based on the inside images which appear to show the original Erco in-line engine installed) Erco brochure for the Ercoupe. INSTALLING THE FUSELAGE SERVOS. Alon A2 pilots manual 61 pgs. 43, issued on or about 10/15/46 (after the 415-C production line had been halted with many Ercoupes on ERCO Field awaiting their “acceptance flight testing), shows the fuel lines installed from serials 3468 thru 4423. ERCO worked with the CAA to get approval for modifying 415-C these models to the new 415CD specification. (d) Install decalcomania (Erco P/Non the top of the battery box cover.

A-718; Univair 415-C and 415-CD aircraft and Type Certificate CAR 03, T. Ercoupe Service Manual. ERCOUPE MANUALS This parts manual has been prepared to provide you with information leading to replacement part procurement. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. (This was also the case for the aircraft manufactured prior to WW II. 13-lB or later revision. tension after adjusting. Thanks for looking and check my other auctions while you&39;re here.

Ercoupe 415-cd service manual

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